A Upgrade Headlight Build for Corvette C5

I’m building for this c5 Corvette, this car originally came with halogen pop-up headlights and these headlights were horrible. so I upgraded to some non pop-up headlights that had halogen projectors in them, first I put HID bulbs in the halogen projectors which was a little bit of an improvement and then Is witched over and did a retrofit putting Morimoto bi-xenon projectors into these housings.

I’ll unsuppressed the base plate and this is the plate of which everything gets bolted to and so this is sort of the structural member of the headlight kit. And this is the plate that will tilt up and down in order to aim the headlights up and down in the final assembly.

A Upgrade Headlight Build for Corvette C5

The next major component, it hides the base plate on the bottom, so you won’t see that through the headlight lens and against it hides from some of the guts of the wiring and stuff at the back. It just sits on top of the base plate as you can see it follows the contour of the base plate and it should fit inside the headlight housing. It’s just a flat surface that you can bolt more things to others.

The next part is the LED cluster, its purpose is to hold six individual eagle-eye LED car lights and they work great as daytime running lights. So that’s what I’m going to be using them for the Corvette already has turn signals located in the bottom of the bumper. I don’t need to integrate turn signals into this headlight so this is a great opportunity to really customize the headlight. I’m going to be able to sequence them, I’m going to do a custom programmable sequencing every time the car starts up it’s going to run through this sequence and it’s just going to give the car lights another cool custom effect.

A Upgrade Headlight Build for Corvette C5

I’m going to bring up the projector, now the projector behind it is probably just some kind of generic Morimoto h1 projector which the performance is just fine. I’m going to need some room for all the wires and connectors and that sort of thing and it’s perfect back. Because it’s just hidden out of view when this thing is installed remember there’s going to be a lens that goes over top of this and with the old headlight the lens was painted. That’s going to work well for this system.

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