Can I Put Led Lights on My Car?

Are you tired of your halogen bulbs dying? Do you want to improve visibility with the lighting of your headlights? Or do you want to give a personal and pleasant touch to the lighting of your car? Car lighting systems are essential for driver safety. Car manufacturers have been changing the technology of headlights and position lights. They move halogen bulbs and glass to more advanced technologies such as LEDs.

LED bulbs can be a very good solution, but you have to take many details into account to avoid causing failures in cars, especially with the CANBUS system. The use of LED lighting in vehicles is more and more widespread since it gains significantly in quality and the lighting, and they have a less defective rate than conventional bulbs.

car headlight

We go into parts:

-the dipped headlights
These are usually mostly H7, H1, HB3, HB4, H11, H3, H8, H4 led bulb, etc… depending on the manufacturer. The first thing to know is the type of light bulb that our car uses.

Once we have the exact model that our car uses, we have to see the alternatives that they offer us. Since there are thousands of manufacturers and models within a light bulb model, these need cooling since, among other things. They have to cool the chip that they integrate and need resistors to equalize the consumption of these bulbs to make them have the same consumption of a conventional halogen bulb. LEDs have very low consumption, and therefore the car thinks that they are broken and give an error, so they blink or go off.

Those heat sinks can be made by a fan that they have incorporated or by braided straps that must be outside the headlight.

car headlight

Currently, in the market, we can find the quantity of car led bulbs of different colors. The most common color is white, but they also made in red, blue, green. Before we tell you about the types of car led bulbs, let’s explain what exactly an LED bulb is and how it works in a car. As long as the LEDs comply to the same socket and that they are a Canbus bulb, you can upgrade it with various styles, according to the image we want for our car. The other question is what you choose between prices and styles. You can choose some that are a whiter color or others that are a more bluish color to give it a tunning touch.

LED lights in cars allow the driver to have a broader view of what can find on the tracks. H can see more clearly what is in front of him, and this benefits his safety and comfort when transporting. Expect good lighting, you must also pay attention to the situation of the headlights. They are one of the factors that deteriorate the most over the years. Therefore, you must clean and polish your headlight at a regular time.

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