The Guide to Change Lambda Probe

The lambda probe is a fundamental element to control the flow of fuel and air in the cylinders and allow the engine to function properly.

The Lambda probe is one of the unknown elements of the car, although it is very necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the engine. It is an element located in the exhaust just in front of the catalyst. Its mission is to measure the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust. With this measure, it is possible to determine the necessary amount of fuel to be injected into the cylinders to achieve the optimum ratio between fuel and air.

The correct operation of the lambda probe allows the engine to function properly, so emissions of polluting gases and excess fuel consumption reduced. For this reason, it is very important and is required to be perfectly regulated and adjusted for it to work properly. With the changes in the anti-pollution legislation, the installation of a second lambda probe after the catalyst required to ensure the proper functioning of the first.

lambda probe

When to change the lambda probe

The lambda probe is responsible, as we have seen, to control the flow of fuel and air in the cylinders for optimum engine performance. When that fragile balance is damaged, it suffers and can lead to different problems that affect the quality of the air that comes out of the exhaust and fuel consumption.

Among those problems that arise, you can notice small jerks in the engine due to poor combustion, increased fuel consumption, and others such as a failure to start the engine or even an increase in temperature and cause damage to the spark plugs.

This probe is changed at approximately 160,000 kilometers, although it can be damaged earlier. In addition to the symptoms that can experience and that we have already reviewed, it must take into account that the engine warning pilot will also be activated. If there is a lack of power at certain times, you must also check the status of the lambda probe and find out if the change is necessary.

How to diagnose a lambda probe failure

A diagnosis must make through the manufacturer’s diagnostic tool to know if the lambda probe fails. This must be connected to the car through the corresponding connector and the system will scan the status of the probe. To do this, you have to go to the workshop and be the professional who performs the process.

It will also be he who makes the change of the lambda probe. The price of this spare part varies depending on the model and the difficulty in making the change. It is not a complicated operation and can perform in a short time, so it is one of those maintenance operations that must be carried out without fail because the good condition of the engine and the car, in general, depends on it.

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