Some Tips for You to Wash the Car

Do not hesitate. The more time these bird droppings, the remains of insects, tree resins, road dust, tar spots, soot particles, antifreeze salts, or any other type of aggressive dirt, spend on the paint of your car Destroying effects will have on your vehicle.

How often to wash it? It will depend on how much you use the car and where you keep it. There will be people who need to wash it once a month (or less) and others every week. As a general rule you will need this:

  • Shampoo: To clean effectively and leave a good finish. Avoid detergents and non-specific car cleaners, and check their characteristics: cleaning power, ability to evacuate water, polymers that enhance shine.
  • Sponge: It is natural lamb wool clothes recommended or microfiber gloves. So you avoid micro-scratches in the paint, as many sponges drag dirt.
  • Drying: Use microfiber towels. It is a very absorbent material and prevents damage as they are designed not to scratch. Forget the clothes and dishcloths.
  • Two buckets of water: It is one for shampoo and one for rinsing.

Some care must be taken depending on the method you use to wash it :

Car wash

Before entering automatic washing, take normal precautions: close the windows and sunroof if you have one. Don’t worry, and you don’t need to remove the original roof antenna. What you should remove are special vehicle additives: roof rack, a supplementary antenna. If you have any questions, ask the person in charge of the car wash.

wash the car

Pressure wash

Read the instructions on how to use the high-pressure cleaning device, especially the distance at which you should spray water on your car.

The water temperature should not exceed  60 ° C and try to maintain a relatively large distance from the softer parts of the car, such as rubber hoses, plastic or acrylic fittings, and tires, so as not to damage them.

Hand wash

First of all, use plenty of water to soften the dirt. So then you will have to rub much less. Some people advise starting cleaning on the ceiling. But also those who advise first of all to avoid splashing clean areas.

We agree with this second opinion: they are the element that needs the most aggressive cleaning techniques and products, and should not reach the body. Hit that dirt hard with a brush and then throw that water away. It would be as if you washed your hair with the water you used to wash your feet.

From there, clean the car from top to bottom. Water will fall, and dirt from the bottom parts will be easier to clean and less aggressively.

If you wash the vehicle with a hose, do not direct the water jet directly to the locks and door seals and the gate. Even if you think it dries before, try not to wash the car in full sun. It would help if you dried it with a soft-touch cloth. For crystals, an old and effective trick: newspaper, more effective, and cheaper than specific cleaners.

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