How to Replace Serpentine Belt in AC Belt in 1997 to 2004 Chevy Corvette?

This is the first post on my website, and on this post, I wanna show you guys how to replace your serpentine belt in your AC belt in the 1997 to 2004 C5 Chevy Corvette. Remove the subroutine belt the tensioner, you relieve the tension slide it off and it comes off pretty easily.

The first step is to use the 15 millimeter socket and a breaker bar, relieved attention from the tensioner. I’ll just push forward on it remove the breaker bar and slide the belt off.

The AC belt can be a little more tricky, I removed the tension from the tensioner pulley at the bottom. I slide it from underneath the top pulley, it’s actually easier to get it off.

Use 15 millimeter socket and ratchet put it on the AC tensioner and I’ll push forward. I’m gonna slide the belt off from the top, but I did not.

I’m going to install the new AC belt, I have the belt in position on the AC compressor. It’s also in position on the camshaft pulley. It’s a little tough to get it lined up but once you do wanna pull on the tensioner and try to slide the belt back on.

Relieve the tension and try to slide this AC belt back on and put on the serpentine belt or the drive belt. You can tell which way it goes if it’s the end with the grooves then that goes on the groove into the pulley.

Now the belt is all the way in position and I have it up against attention, once I relieve the pressure from the tensioner, I should be able to slide this on and should be the end of this job.

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