How to Improve your Car Fuel Efficiency and Economy

The quickest way to ensure you’re getting the very best fuel economy is to purchase a vehicle prized for its fuel efficiency. Realistically, however, not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new car for the sake of more miles per gallon.

If a new fuel efficient vehicle isn’t in the cards for you, do not despair. No matter what car you drive, there are steps you can take toward improving fuel economy, even if it’s ever-so-slightly. Every little bit helps when gas prices are the way they are.

Follow these simple guidelines to give your vehicle a fighting chance in terms of reaching its full fuel economy potential.

1) Buy gas at the right time and at the right place. Find the cheapest gas prices that do not require you driving far out of your way to take advantage of them. If a gas station offers low gas prices but requires unnecessary travel time, then you are likely canceling out your savings. Try to purchase gasoline in the middle of the week instead of on the weekends when prices are highest. Avoid purchase on holidays as well, if possible.

2) Optimize your travel routes. If you’re spending a lot of time stuck in traffic jams for your daily work commute, you’re losing fuel economy. If possible, go in early or leave late or adjust your work hours to cater to avoiding rush hour traffic. Running errands? Try to kill two birds with one stone and run multiple errands at a time so you’re accomplishing a number of tasks during one trip instead of making several different trips.

3) Keep your car properly maintained. Get regular oil changes, and take your car in for tune-ups during which air filters will be changed and sparkplugs and brakes are checked. Dirty or faulty parts can be gas-guzzling culprits.

By simply paying attention to your car’s maintenance, traveling smart, and planning ahead in terms of gas purchases, you can improve your car’s fuel economy and lessen the burden on your wallet.

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